Today it is essential for a company not to be oriented towards sustainability, which means choosing to support a circular process to protect our future, where the resources we have available are no longer exploited, but rather safeguarded.

There are many possible actions to adopt a conscious attitude through the choices we make every day, fashion is increasingly playing a decisive role for the future of our planet, being among the most polluting sectors.

The founder of Licorice after having worked for many years in the world of luxury, she was tired of the total inconsistency between words and actions of fashion brands. She then decided to put into practice what a consumer expected from a clothing brand.

Licorice aims to develop an artisanal and sustainable collection. All the garments are made with love, in Italian tailoring workshops, respecting both the social and natural environment.

And materials

Lycra is made with the use of yarn Econyl®: innovative and techno-performing material obtained from the recovery of waste plastic materials. 

The cotton is 100% organic, grown following precise eco-sustainability lines. 

Our clothing items are ideal for enjoying the sea both day and night, thanks to the use of yarn Econyl® they have a greater resistance to chlorine, salt, sun creams and UV rays, moreover they do not lose elasticity with use, always maintaining the original shape. 


Circular Production

The sustainability of our company is based on a circular principle which also includes packaging, the production chain, garment production and logistics.

I tags they are all produced with recycled paper made through a process with a very low environmental impact.

The Liquorice production chain is in fact designed to reduce waste to a minimum, from the design phase to the packaging one. The packaging made with sustainable / recycled and certified materials is designed to be reused even in different areas.